Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Me That Lives in 2017

Oh did I get to 34?
The me that lives in 2017 believes in kindness and love above all else.  She's angry at a world that seems to be replacing these virtues with hate and inequality.  For that very reason, she's touched by random acts of charity and chivalry.  And she hopes that by sharing her love and compassion with the world, she'll leave it a little better than when she entered it.

The me in 2017 gets a bit angrier with the current state of political affairs than she once did. She's involved and feels very deepy about the issues that are being argued.  She truly doesn't understand how one administration can be so cold and heartless.  And she's embarrassed by her country for the first time. But she's supporting the issues she cares about openly and will continue to argue for equality, love in all forms, women's rights and the ability to create.

2017 me has finally started to figure herself out - her plans, dreams and desires.  She's not currently happy in her job but she's just now realized what her dream job might be and is working toward it slowly but surely.  She realizes that a move may be necessary to do this and is fully embracing this possibility while trying to plan for a ton of unknowns.  She knows deep down that she desperately wants a family of her own and is willing to admit that dating should probably happen to achieve this.  While dating in the 21st century is ruled by technology, she holds out hope for that one good old fashioned love story...

This me does things that scare her and is always surprised by the results.  Old me stuck to what she knew. 2017 me is branching out of her comfort zone and realizing that chatting with strangers or volunteering for causes she knows nothing about is fun and often provides amazing results.  These results haven't provided any new opportunities yet but she remains, as always, hopefully optimistic.

The me in 2017 understands most of her friends aren't seeing her as this new person. They don't realize she's trying to change and grow for the better.  This has been difficult for her but she's hoping that over time they'll understand why she needed to break it off with the old me.

2017 me counts herself as a grateful member of the arts community.  She's involved.  She understands the importance of art in all forms and is passionate about creativity.  She dives into arts and crafts with glee and fully supports groups and artists that do the same.  Experimenting with new forms of arts and creation is one of her very favorite things to do.

Speaking of favorite things, 2017 me has many of them.  She's head over heels for the theatre, specifically musical theatre. She's a voracious reader and finally a Project Lifer.  She travels when she can and eats all sorts of delicious and new foods. She's gotten the hang of New York City and London (but still gets lost in her home state all the time...)  She enjoys weekly trivia - though she's often terrible at it - and is mostly made up of tea.  But most of all, she loves her life and her family.  She knows she's often a conundrum to them, but they love her unconditionally and she's so lucky to have them in her life.  Even though she's in the midst of great changes, she knows they'll fully support her no matter what.

That's the me in 2017.  She's so different from the me of even just a few years ago but I'm fairly sure she's going to be so much better!

Who are you in this year of upheaval?  Have you changed too?