Saturday, October 11, 2014

Comically Speaking

I must admit a certain fondness (some might call it an obsession) with watching panels from conventions on Youtube.  One of the fabulous things about living in the future is that everyone has a video camera on their phone these days and everyone uses them.  You don't have to be in San Diego or Toronto or NYC to hear what all the geeky stars are saying.

What always gets me with these panels are the Q&A's from the fans.  Fans have quite the eye and ear for detail so the questions are entertaining to say the least (and sometimes just a bit uncomfortable).  "What exactly were you thinking when you did this in episode 6 of season 2?" or "What happened behind the scenes on August 3, 2011?"  The good guys and girls; the geeky stars that aren't just at the con because their publicist told them to be there, are always kind and accommodating to these fans.  They answer the questions the best that they can and they don't belittle or tease the question-askers.  

But even when being so kind and honest, I start to wonder, what exactly is going through their minds when these questions are being asked.  Being around a production is everyday life for them.  It's a job like we have.  So it's certainly not as exciting or entertaining as we make it out to be.

All that being said, what in the world would people think if they were posed these questions in real life?  Some questions are slightly cringe worthy, afterall.  I have to say I don't think I would have the same patience or tact when answering, not to mention asking. (Full disclosure: I give major props to the people that go to these conventions and let their freak flag high.  I'd be too embarrassed but they let it all hang loose.) And I know for a fact I wouldn't be nearly as interesting or hilarious as the real geek stars answering.  But I can certainly try...

Here's a real question that someone asked and my attempt at an answer.  I hope to do a few more of these in the future, mostly because they make me laugh (if not anyone else).

"What are some silly or embarrassing things you do?" (I'm not sure anyone in my entire life has asked me this question - but for some reason a fan asked it at a convention.)

I talk to myself a little too much.  I have full conversations with the television and answer my own questions out loud.  

I also sometimes forget that people I'm talking to or I'm with, can't hear what's happening in my head.  So sometimes, I will say random things out loud that no one understands because they haven't been privy to the last 6 thoughts that brought me to that  particular epiphany.

Like I said, I'm not nearly as charming as the stars.  Here's how the pros do it. : )

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Every Wednesday on Twitter, Lonely Planet does a chat.  They ask one question and everyone who wants to gets to answer.  Usually it's about a special places or perfect trips, which are fun.  But today's was pretty much the best and most perfect topic: The absolute best food you've ever tried while travelling.  I was pretty excited.  

Then I realized, just how not adventurous I was when it came to eating and travelling.  Even with all my work to try new things, I don't think I'll ever live up to the likes of these travelers. They were eating things like bugs, crazy sushi, & foie gras, in places like Mogadishu, Sichuan Province and Pnomh Penh Cambodia  Now don't get me wrong, I don't really want to eat bugs and I don't really want to go anywhere that requires several vaccines just to enter the country.  But that's beside the point.

My offering was seriously never going to measure against some of these crazy meals.  Mine was delicious, and fabulous and I've never had anything so sweet and yummy before in a restaurant (and I still crave it today) but somehow I don't think the intense travelers on Twitter today would have appreciated the Banoffle sundae I had in Stratford upon Avon, just saying... : )
 Bananas & Toffee & Fudge & Gelato & Waffles, oh my!