Friday, November 7, 2014

Restaurant Rave: Iron Rooster

Seeing as I'm a big fan of eating food in general, I get very excited when new restaurants open.  Of course, lately, there haven't been many in my neck of the woods.  There have been lots of closings but not many openings.  That changed this month when Maria's in Annapolis closed and Iron Rooster opened.  The deal is this: breakfast served all day.  How can you resist?  That alone would make it pretty popular.  But add to it the awesome menu and great atmosphere, the free valet and the welcoming staff, and they just may have a hit on their hands.

The restaurant's been open three weeks now and I've already been twice.  The sheer number of times I said the words "Iron Rooster" in the week between my 2 visits, was bordering on the excessive.  My first visit was for breakfast and I just couldn't resist the Breakfast Burrito.  I could hear it calling my name.  And it so didn't disappoint.  The Iron Rooster Breakfast Burrito contains scrambled eggs cotija cheese, peppers, onions and Beef Brisket (you heard that right!) and is smothered in poblano pepper sauce.  I was willing to sell my soul for another after the first bite.  So Delicious!

On the second visit, I very nearly ordered the burrito again, mostly because it was that delicious but also because I could (breakfast all day folks, what a radical concept!).  But I resisted the urge and went for the Bacon and Egg Ramen.  I wasn't sure anything could live up to the burrito, but the Ramen was just as good.  It contained pork belly, 2 perfectly poached eggs, green onions and peppers all swimming in some seriously rich and amazing chicken broth.  Pretty darn tasty!

The best thing about this place is that there are least 5 other items that I haven't even tried yet on the menu that are still calling my name.  I just love having new things to try.  That is, of course, if I can resist the siren song of the Burrito and the Ramen, which will be very difficult in deed...

Editor's Note: I was too busy gourging on the burrito to take a picture so the photo above is courtesy of Iron Rooster's facebook page.  I was able to snap the Ramen before I devoured it so that one's all mine : )

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Office Life

In my non-exciting, non-crafty, everyday existence, I work in an office as an Instructional Designer.  I check emails, make phonecalls, update calendars, edit PowerPoints, make suggestions and pretty much struggle to keep from falling asleep. Every office is a different little ecosystem, but I would venture to guess that there are common similarities between them all.  I'm sure that all cubicle-dwellers have learned the same lessons.  For instance:

~ No matter how brainy a computer geek is, some aspects of common sense escape them.  They can tell you exactly how a computer works, step by step, but possibly forget to eat lunch.

~CC, POC, and Calendar Invite become part of everyday language and you use them in sentences, even though you said you never would.

~ Admins rule the world and if you're nice to them, they'll be nice to you.  In reverse, if you're evil to them, they can make life difficult to say the least.  

~ Supplies are often raided without warning and if you don't lock them down you're screwed.

~ There is literally food everywhere which is fabulous for when the techy computer geeks forget to eat lunch.

~ Managers (wrongly assume they) are much too important to make their own coffee, clean up their own messes and send their own emails.  

~ People (most often the sames ones that are too important to make their own coffee) put far to much stock in what exactly is in the coke machine (or what's lacking to put it more clearly), what's free for lunch that day and what can be done for them.

~ Lights are over-rated.  Morning sitting at your desk in quiet solitude in the dark (checking Facebook and Twitter but that's beside the point) are a wonderful way to start the day.  Until of course, someone believes the opposite and ruins the whole vibe.

~ And last but not least, not to get all ageist, but the ones that been around for a long time, always think they know more than the newer ones, which just makes life difficult for everyone involved. Why is it so difficult for some people to admit when they're wrong?

It may be a boring existence, but if you can learn to put up with the everyday annoyances, the positives (lunch out with colleagues on a Friday, manager work days where there's no one around but the worker bees, in-jokes and most importantly the paycheck that lets you have more fun) far outweigh (most of the time...) the negatives.