Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Journey into Yoga-Land

As I said earlier in the week, one of my goals this year was to take a yoga class.  I am not what you might call a "fit" person.  Exercising, and gyms are not my favorite things.  I tried to run once and made it about 20 feet before I felt like I was going to die.  In the case of the zombie apocalypse I'll most definitely get bitten first. I also have a job where 80% of my day is spent sitting in front of a computer screen which is boring as heck, and not great for my health.

So I know the benefits of being fit and active, I just haven't figured out a sure fire way (aka a way that I enjoy) to do so.  That brought me to Yoga.  First off, it doesn't require running which is a huge positive in my book.  Also, it's not something that requires a great deal of equipment to do.  (though, if you need some Yoga "equipment" - such as cute pants and sweatshirts - Old Navy should be your first stop.  My theory is if I look cute, I'll enjoy it more...) Lastly, it's low impact and great for your muscles.  Because I sit all day, my back has not been behaving lately. So a practice that promotes stretching and alignment over hard core cardio sounds just my speed.

I lucked out by having a small Yoga studio within a few miles of my house that received great reviews on Facebook, and also offered a free intro class this week to get newcomers interested in the practice.  The studio wasn't exactly what I had pictured in my mind (which was pretty much what Yoga studios look like on television not any in real life) but it was cozy and quaint.  I had fears that I may be the only student there, seeing as it was cold, snowy and did I mention it was cold? (11 degrees at last check!)  But that fear was quickly laid to rest when about 10 others were there when I arrived.

So how did the actual class go?

I kinda loved it.  It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  Rather, it wasn't hard core by any means, but my muscles actually felt as if they were getting a work out.  The flow of the class was what I really liked.  The teacher who was fabulous, started with what can only be described as Quiet Time.  We sat cross legged on our mats, and breathed and stretched.  Then she moved from easier to more complicated poses throughout the class.  Then more quiet time to end the hour.  

The hour seemed to fly by, and I really enjoyed the work.  I enjoyed the quietness of it.  Yes, I was in a room with 10 other people (even 2 men, which is exactly 2 more than I thought would be there), but the only real talking being done was by the instructor.  It made it easier to concentrate, and focus on our breathing and stretching.  For an introvert like me, not needing to make small talk or chatter about form and feeling is pretty ideal.

I enjoyed it so much, that I am most definitely heading back to class on Thursday for the entire 10 week session.  My hope is that I become a little more flexible, and a little less run down all the time.  I know I'm not going to shed tons of pounds - this is not P90X or some such like - but it's better than nothing.  And if I do shed a pound or two, I will not be complaining.

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