Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Book Worm Wednesday: Foreword

The only acceptable place for me to live - Hay on Wye (aka the City of Books...)
I have a chair in my home - a not all that comfortable chair, that has spent its life living in a corner in my library nook waiting to be useful. Currently, its use is an onslaught of books needing a bookshelf. You see, I'm completely out of room on my shelves. Books are stacked two deep in some places, and horizontally, and vertically. And yet, I still keep buying books at a ridiculous rate. I'm not sure who told me whoever has the most books, wins at life. But if that's true, I'm certainly winning some prize. 

The very worst part of it is, I'm secretly in a book detox. I started the year off really well, reading at a furious rate. But, since the start of summer, I can't seem to focus. And the overflow of books is making it harder and harder to do so. One would think I would stop buying them at some point, seeing as it's contributing to my inability to decide on what exactly to read. But just this weekend I went to the Library of Congress Book Festival and bought 5 (mostly children's books but that's not the point), and then to the Strand and bought 3. What is wrong with me?

That's what brings us to what I've decided to call Book Worm Wednesday. The truth of the matter is, I have way to many books to not do something with them. That something for me is to write about them. I realize that does nothing to quell the rising tide of books in my home, but here we are. 

Each Wednesday, I'll share authors I love, books I've fallen for, and my current picks for all things bookish in the so very many genres I read on a weekly basis. Honestly, my shelves are kinda all over the place. So much so, I'd love for someone I don't know to analyze what exactly they say about me. Is that a job I can hire someone for? Also, in that job description, I'd like them to organize them in some semblance of order, and keep me from buying more until I've read what I've got. 

So join me, while we embark on a literary adventure through all things Kristen and bookish!

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