Friday, September 6, 2019

Concrete Wandering

For some a relaxing Labor Day weekend is time spent at the beach. For others, it's a BBQ with friends. For me, there's nothing better than wandering around a city I love. The problem with the city I love is that it requires a Megabus ride to get there. Though, for all their ridiculousness, the best thing they have going for them is that they're cheap. So off to New York City I went - completely on my own. 

It may sound sad or slightly pathetic, but (while I love going with friends and family) there's no better way to see the city than completely alone. Of course, you're never really alone in New York. There are always tons of people hustling and bustling. I feel completely at home in the chaos. I'm free to collect my thoughts and see everything I want to see, even if those things are things I've seen dozens of times. 

For the past few years or so, I've made it a point to go at least once completely alone. It's a recharge for me. I love what the city offers me, and I feel completely at home there. When I'm able to schedule longer periods of time, I do new things but this weekend I only had a few short hours. So it was off to the Strand, one of my favorites. Of course, it was such a gorgeous day, that I walked the 15 blocks, meaning that I discovered new street art, and a killer place for bagels.

From there it was back up town for the best burger in Manhattan - Five Napkin Burger. It may be ever so slightly touristy, but that burger beats every other burger I've eaten hands down. And it gets bonus points for good iced tea - something that's difficult to find in the city. After that I just wandered, and had a cupcake at Amy's Bread; something I've been meaning to do.

Those few hours alone with my thoughts, was all it took. I was ready for the week ahead. Of course, I wish that week ahead was to be spent in New York, but I have this thing called a job that was calling me home. One day, I will call that city my home. But until then, it's a short jaunt away - where all sorts of small wonders await.

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