Sunday, September 9, 2018

An Overabundance of Books

So embarrassing...
This is a photo of my current stash of books I've yet to read - all of the books that are horizontal (and some vertical) are all completely unread. The stack has grown increasingly embarrassing over the last few months. Between attending book festivals, used book stores and new book stores, I haven't been able to help myself and have purchased a ridiculous number of books.

What is wrong with me? Intellectually I know that the library exists. I also know that if I want to purchase books, many, many used book stores exist. Yet still, I enter knowingly into Barnes and Noble and exit with 3 books in my hand.

What's even worse, is that in the midst of mulling over this post yesterday, I walked into a book store and walked out with 3 additional books to add to the list. In my defense that was a local used bookstore so the financial impact wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been for my wallet. But still...That's an additional 3 books added to this pile that I'm convinced will one day crush me.

The goal is to not purchase another book until this insane pile has been read in full, and I have been doing pretty well with the reading part. Just not great with the purchasing part. That is obviously hard for me...

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