Saturday, October 6, 2018

Art All Around

Because I'm always on the lookout for something ridiculous to focus my time on, I'm participating in the #ShowYourArt2018 challenge on Instagram for the Americans for Art foundation. Each day they provide an artsy prompt and you're supposed to post a picture that contains art with that theme. It's been fun to realize that there is in fact, art all around us at all times of the day. All 6 photos I've shared so far have been from my travels in the last year. I haven't had to work hard to find any at all. 

When so many arts programs are being cut in schools, it's super fun to focus on the beauty and art in the world that's not huge or extravagant. It simply is, and that's the part that matters. So here goes, here are the first 6 artsy days of my life.

Day 1: #Blue - I happened upon this beautiful sculpture in San Antonio as I was wandering around trying to waste time before my flight home. It turns out I'd inadvertently wandered into the Instituto Cultural de Mexico. They have beautiful sculptures and pieces of art all around the building to see before even entering the museum.

Day 2: #Transportation - This beautiful boat is the very same boat I took a sunset cruise on in Mystic Connecticut. Isn't she gorgeous?! 

Day 3: #TheWordART - This one was a little difficult, because most art isn't labeled as such. However, the Instituto Cultural de Mexico came to the rescue again! 

Day 4: #RuralArt - This is my favorite country store in Pennsylvania. It's called Dusty Treasures, and each year before Christmas I travel here to buy a few more snowheads for my collection.

Day 5: #Education - This school photo was taken in Port Isaac, Cornwall. You may wonder why, then is the school called Portwenn. Well, each season of Doc Martin is filmed in Port Isaac, and on shooting days, the entire town turns into Portwenn (the fictional town where Doc and his friends live.) No stars of BBC were seen that day, but lots of fun easter eggs from a show I love were spotted.

Day 6: #Animals - This guy sits outside my favorite place in Mystic, CT - Bank Square Books. I was super happy to see him on my first trip there a few years ago, and just as excited to see him still watching over the shop, this past summer!

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